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501 School St.

The School Street project was a complete parking garage overhaul.  The repairs included the following:

  • Extensive full depth and partial depth concrete repairs
  • Replacement of drains
  • New plumbing lines
  • Removal and replacement of existing caulking
  • Routing and sealing of existing cracks
  • Application of corrosion inhibitor technology
  • New hot-applied waterproofing at the garage entrance
  • Application of a new waterproof traffic membrane system
  • Replacement of the pavers at the entrance to the garage

The project started with identification and removal of deteriorated concrete on the ramp and elevated slab of a two level conventionally reinforced parking garage.  During the concrete repairs, the surface was evaluated for drainage issues, new drain locations were identified and installed.  The existing drains were replaced including a new heavy-duty trench drain at the garage entrance.  Following the completion of the concrete repairs, the elevated surfaces were caulked, all concrete cracks greater than 1/16” were opened and caulked, and the elevated surface was shotblasted.  Ownership elected to apply corrosion inhibitor technology from Evonik to prevent future corrosion ahead of the application of a heavy-duty traffic coating.   The traffic membrane application included a UV resistant layer applied only on the ramp.  Finally, the existing pavers were removed along with the existing hot-applied waterproofing which was replaced and new pavers were installed. 

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