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We specialize in concrete restoration, waterproofing concrete, addressing leaks and restoring their finish to look better than new.

The majority of concrete issues are caused by water intrusion and can be prevented by installing a heavy-duty traffic membrane coating and addressing leaks where they start.  Our services include the restoration of concrete and prevention of water intrusion into the concrete. 

Concrete Restoration Services:

Concrete Patching of Delaminated Concrete

Installation of Expansion Joints & Caulk Joints

Installation of Floor & Trench Drains

Replacement of Corroded Plumbing Lines

Replacement of Corroded Steel

Chemical Injections & Epoxy Injections

Masonry Services (Brick Pavers & CMU Wall repairs)

Bonded Topping Slabs

Concrete Waterproofing & Finishing Services:

Application of Urethane Traffic Coating Systems

Application of Corrosion Inhibitor Technology and Penetrating Sealers

Hot Applied Waterproofing

Shotblasting & Sandblasting

Installation of Wing Joints and Compression Seal Joints

Power Washing and Traffic Coating Cleaning

Routing and Sealing Cracks

Garage Striping

Concrete Cleaning


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